Our passion

Trends, Materials & Details.

A small design studio with a collaboration based approach to Retail. We believe that by teaming up in the best suitable combinations of passionate people and using a diversity expertise, we get more agile and efficient. No project are to small or large, its just a matter of setting up the right team.

Our ambition is to create unique spaces and conceptual inventory solutions that are obviously logical and, at the same time, creatively challenging. We are involved and present throughout the complete process. From concept and idea, through development, prototyping and production, to final installation and activation.


Shop Layouts

Scale is important, when designing a new Shop Concept.
We customize the inventory to enhance the visual impact.
In that way, the Brand is recognizeable in both large shops
and small displays.

What we offer

Quality, Experience & Passion

As Architects we have a very holistic approach to Interior Design. When creating a Concept, we strive to cover all aspect of the design proces. In our experience, this is the best way to insure a high and consistent quality.